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The Modern Lush Bar

4-in-1 Dimmable USB LED Ring Light Mirror Tripod Stand with phone holder

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As we all know, in many places, such as photo studios, traditional incandescent light bulbs have gradually been replaced by the latest high-tech LED ring lights. Therefore, today we want to provide you with this 10-inch LED ring light and desktop tripod, which has the characteristics of long life, low energy consumption, high light efficiency and environmental protection. And it is also covered with durable materials to provide you with complete protection and perfect heat dissipation. 


1. Small size, reasonable price and high quality

2. No pollution, no infrared and heat radiation

3. Is an energy-efficient product

4.Ultra-energy-saving alternative to standard lamps

5. Provide bright and soft light, suitable for photo studio lighting

6. Lightweight, you can install in minutes



1. Lamp beads: 80

2. Power: 0-10W

3. Color temperature: 2800-5500K

4. Cable length: about 190 cm / 6.2ft

6. Color: Black

7. Plug type: USB

Light adjustment:

-Fill light comes in three shades.

-10 levels of light intensity adjustable.

-Switch control button.

Package includes:
1 x 10 inch ring light (with mobile phone holder) 
1 x Professional Tripod
1 x Wireless contacted self-timer 
1 x PTZ