Shipping Policy

Real-time shipping notifications will be sent via the email provided. We will also provide tracking numbers if available. We ship items as soon as they are ready, therefore, items may be shipped in separate packages and may not arrive on the same day. Also, we use various shipping agents such as USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx and UPS. We are not responsible for your package once it has been delivered to the location specified on your order form. 

Please note: With staffing shortages all across the United States, some packages may take longer than usual to arrive. Lastly, we will send your tracking number as soon as we receive it. However, sometimes it takes USPS and Fedex a day or two to update their system due to staffing shortages. Try to be patient, if a tracking number was created, your product is on the way, we promise. 

Package not received

Please contact us at if you do not receive your package within 14 business days.