About us

We are The Modern Lush Bar. Most people see our name and think we sell adult beverages. Ha! That is far from the truth.

So what do we sell? Makeup, makeup supplies and modern furniture (for your makeup room of course...no forreal). We don't sell our own brand because you have no idea who we are (not yet). We sell brand name makeup that you know and trust. Clinique, Nars, Covergirl and more. 

Because you can't apply makeup without supplies, we added makeup supplies to our catalog. The supplies we sell are top tier. The brushes are soft, the cosmetics cases are durable and all of the supplies we carry are inspected before they are shipped to you to ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. 

So why furniture? After a few months of selling products to people all across the United States, we decided that makeup and makeup supplies were not enough, The Modern Lush Bar needed vanities, stools, desks, ottomans, everything someone would need to design the perfect space for makeup.

This is who we are. The Modern Lush Bar, a place where you can come, relax and shop for your entire beauty room in one place. So, pour yourself a drink and meet us at the bar!