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The Modern Lush Bar

Super Easy Cincher Makeup Bag

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You are going to love this makeup bag!

Use it once and you will be so glad you found purchased it. Once it is open, it turns into a round mat that you can spread on your vanity table and place all your make up essentials in. Once you are done, cinch the drawstrings to close the bag securely in an instant!

No need to dig in a pouch to find stuff when you are pressed for time and no need to zip up overstuffed pouch or throw it away if you spill your foundation in it! With this makeup bag, you just throw it in the washing machine and it's brand new again. 

This bag will make you wonder how you were able to survive without it. 


  • Organize makeup instantly and easily.
  • Everything can be seen and it is at your fingertips.
  • No digging, no over stuffing.
  • Machine washable bag cleans up good as new.
  • No more digging around in your makeup bag for a specific item
  • 2 Zipper pockets can hold your delicate jewelry or your lipsticks.
  • Holds foundation bottles, make up brushes, combs, hair accessories and more. 
  • A drawstring cinches everything securely instantly.