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The Modern Lush Bar

Lucky Beauty Bamboo Brush Set of 10 pcs

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Being naturally beautiful is special and to have something that makes you feel beautiful is being lucky... 

You are one Lucky Beauty to have these comprehensive beauty brushes that are also soft and fluffy and they are so lightweight that it's an absolute joy to work with them as applying makeup is a breeze!

You are going to love these brushes! The high-end bamboo handles are easy to hold and it's superior quality bristles make applying makeup so effortless, 

Get a flawless performance every time you apply makeup with Lucky Beauty!


  • The brush handles made from sustainable bamboo.
  • The bristles are made of Synthetic material.
  • Lucky Beauty Bamboo brushes come in a 100% Cotton bag for safe keeping.
  • Makeup brush set includes 10 PCS.


  • A Foundation brush,
  • A Powder brush,
  • An Angled blush brush,
  • An Angled shadow brush,
  • A Flat eyeliner brush,
  • A Flat shadow brush,
  • A Lip/concealer brush,
  • A Blending brush,
  • A Contour blending brush and 
  • A Smudge brush.

These Bamboo Brushes are going fast

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