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The Modern Lush Bar

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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If you have trouble cleaning your makeup brushes, look no further! This easy to use makeup brush cleaner will clean multiple brushes in seconds! This electric makeup cleaner will make a great gift and is suitable for professional makeup artists and makeup lovers.

Model A (Plug) 
Voltage: 5V
Rated power: 8W
Working method: 5v direct plug-in
Speed: 7000 rpm

The speed of the electric makeup brush cleaner is up to 7,000-RPM, and the compact design of the container can remove 99% of cosmetics residue, oil and dust.

The design structure allows multiple brushes to be cleaned at the same time. The handheld cleaning method is suitable for foundation-brushes and concealer brushes, allowing you to clean multiple brushes at the same time.

Charging brush cleaner: DC round hole charging cable is included, no assembly needed

Model B (Battery)

This model only has the shock function. This means you will have to press the button each time to make the water pulsate. 

Working voltage: 3-5V

Frequency: 47HZ

Power used: 5W

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